Love is like good food, special things always come from simple ingredients, but they are made magical by fantasy...(Paul Mehls)


To satisfy the most discerning palates.

Albergo Ristorante Le Miniere
Piazza Martiri 10080 Traversella (TO)

(11 km from B&B FFR, 25 min by car)

Pizza made with five different types of flour, good beer, but also a quality à la carte menu.

Ristorante Pizzeria Vecchio Mulino
Via della Gora, 10010 Rueglio TO

(2 km from B&B FFR,  5 min by car)

Genuine, home-style cooking with typical dishes and totally local products from the valley’s farms.

Ristorante Cà Praudin
Località Praudino - Frazione Inverso
10080 Vico Canavese (TO)

(10 km from B&B FFR, 20 min by car)


My love lies only in tradition. (Pier Paolo Pasolini)

El sabat d'le erbe
(Herbs saturdays)

May, Valchiusella

In the past, every season used to bring back to our tables a vegetable that had long been gone from them, or a new fruit. A pleasure that revived every year, and, over the year, every month.

Every year in May, this pleasant tradition is revitalized by the Club Amici Valchiusella, the organizers of “El sabat d’le erbe. Alla riscoperta delle erbe”- (Herbs Saturdays – rediscovering herbs) an event aimed to restore one of the valley’s most ancient tradition: the use of mountain herbs for cooking and alternative medicine.

Every Saturday of the month of May you can enjoy easy walks into the green meadows of the valley in the company of the local residents, who are still holding and passing on through their stories the knowledge needed to recognize and use spring herbs.

On Saturday evenings, quaint local restaurants and trattorias will offer an herb-based menu that will no doubt make you appreciate the rural character of Valchiusella, a robust example of quality alternative tourist destination.

(23 km froma B&B FFR,30 min by car)

There is no creation without tradition. No one creates from nothing. (Carlos Fuentes)

The Historical Carnival of Ivrea

February/March, Ivrea

The historical carnival of Ivrea has its roots in the Middle Ages. It’s a unique event in which history and legend intertwine giving life to a huge popular celebration with a strong symbolic nature: in February and March Ivrea’s citizens celebrate their self-determination by re-enacting an event of their Middle Ages history in which people defied the city’s tyrant.

Best known to most people for its spectacular “battle of the Oranges” that takes place over three days in the town’s main squares, Ivrea’s Carnival features a complex ritual that draws on different moments in history and culminates in the historical costume parade.

(23 km from B&B FFR, i30 min by car)

It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition. (Henry James)

La notte dij Vutun

July, Vico Canavese (now Valchiusa)

The night of the Vutun is an evening food tour of Vico Canavese starting at 8.00 PM that rolls onto ten different refreshment points corresponding to the same number of “Vutun”- medieval arched gates to the town – where to taste a variety of preparations: appetizers, hors-d’oeuvres, minestrone, various types of frittata, fresh toma cheese with potatoes, miacce, polenta with meat stew, peaches in red wine, torcetti and paste di meliga cookies, cooffee and herbal teas. The Vutun show the ancient origins of Vico Canavese. The upper part of the town still bears visible traces of its medieval past, when woods enclosed the settlement and buildings were raised close to one another in the typical defensive layout known as “ricetto”. The only openings providing entrance to the town were narrow passageways under thick stone arches, namely “Vutun”. These silent witnesses of the old “Vicus” still symbolize the ancient origins of the town and its population.

(9 km from B&B FFR, 15 min by car)

Social life requires a tradition. (Karl Popper)

The night of the Builè

August, Rueglio

Builê is the name given to the night gatherings of families in animal barns called Buîl. In the barns people could keep warm thanks to animal heat and they used to spin hemp fibers while chatting. When the “sunadùr” (musicians) came along, they also singed and danced.

The event provides an opportunity to familiarize with Rueglio’s folk traditions. All residents get involved and decorate their yards with traditional manufacts and fabrics embroidered by grandmothers.

In Rueglio’s quaint corners with bards and musicians in the background, from 7.40 pm onward you can taste a host of typical dishes of the mountain’s culinary traditions served by girls wearing the “frok”: polenta, merjasse (focacce made with extra-fine cornmeal, made on the spot and cooked on wooden stoves) toma and salignun cheeses from Valchiusella, soups and frittelle.

(2 km from B&B FFR,  5 min by car)



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